Investing in Gold will keep your pockets full

Investing in gold has so many ways you can make great money. There are the coins, the bars and the jewellery. Perhaps you have a historic gold coin as a keepsake or as an investment. Perhaps much of your jewellery is made of gold and you know that, should times be hard, you will be able to sell it at a higher price than what was paid for it. Or perhaps you are serious investor and have a gold bar or two, certified from a major bank and ready to sell should you ever need it. But I bet there are lot of things about investing in gold you didn’t know. For example, one of the common hiding places of gold is in someone’s mouth. Dentists occasionally use gold fillings for teeth that need replacing. It looks flashy, gives a certain style, and is pretty safe and won’t get lost among your possessions.


Investing in gold in your mouth sounds quite comical, but it can be done. Instead of a silver filling, or one that is half-camouflaged, why not get a gold filling? It’s an investment and it can add a flash of style to your mouth. You can either get a completely gold tooth, a gold cap, or some gold fillings that cover the holes left in your teeth by cavities.  Dentists testify that gold fillings give the tightest seal to a tooth, therefore protecting it from the most outside damage. Gold fillings also do not chip, crack or break like normal fillings might.  Cast gold fillings, a less expensive option, are made of gold and a mixture of other metals. Therefore, you can still have some gold in your teeth without paying full price for a full sized gold filling. This style is more popular than one may think.


One of the most popular representations of gold fillings in the media is in Johnny Depp’s creation of Captain Jack Sparrow, the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. Pirates were well known for investing in gold, and some of them were more creative than others. Johnny Depp actually had gold fillings put in his teeth to play the character. His pirate character kept these fillings as a safe guard, should all his other money be robbed from him. It also added depth and style to the character, giving us a flash of wealth and confidence with every on-camera smile.


In conclusion, there are many more ways to be investing in gold than just the traditional methods. Keeping gold filings in your mouth is a hidden, practical and safe way to invest in gold. As we have seen from Johnny Depp’s widely popular Captain Jack Sparrow Character, it’s an age old technique in dentistry. Gold fillings protect your teeth must better than the traditional filling. They add a certain character to your mouth, giving you a very interesting and flashy smile, as well as keeping your teeth and your investment safe against whatever may come. Investing in gold will keep you paid and happy you read this informative article.