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Gold Mutual Funds Investing in Gold The Wise Way Investing in Gold Through a Bullion Vault Gold Bars and Gold Rounds Mistakes To Avoid When You Buy Gold Coins
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Gold Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a common gold investment, but does that make them a wise gold investment? For most investors we think the answer is no. In this article we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of buying gold through mutual funds, as well as some common misconceptions about the transaction costs involved. (hint: they aren't as cheap as you think!)

Investing in Gold The Wise Way

Do you know the most important step to investing in gold properly? Statistically speaking, you probably don't! Amazingly, most investors skip this essential step to ensuring that they maximize returns. You can avoid a simple mistake by knowing this key, foundational element and understanding what it means to your investment strategy. Ten minutes spent on this could save you a lot of trouble in the future.

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Investing in Gold Through a Bullion Vault

Bullion vaults are not a new phenomenon, but readily accessible ones for individuals are. With low costs, high levels of convenience, and impressive security, bullion vaults are an excellent addition to the gold investor's toolkit. If you haven't heard about this relatively new and convenient way to invest in gold you'll definitely want to read up on it.

Gold Bars and Gold Rounds

Fort Knox-like stacks of gold bars are the classic image in everyone's mind when you talk about buying gold, but what about their less recognizable cousins, the gold rounds? In this article we'll define both of these investment options, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as give you some helpful storage pointers to keep your investment safe and secure.

Mistakes To Avoid When You Buy Gold Coins

Did you know that is not just one kind of gold "coin", but three? Most people don't, and some dealers have been using this fact for decades (at least) to sell their customers overpriced trinkets. If you're interested in purchasing wisely you will need to learn the differences so that you don't get separated from your money like so many already have.

The Best Places to Buy Gold Online

04 September 2012

The best place to buy gold online depends on what you need! Gold sellers can be broken down into three major categories - dealers, mints and bullion vaults. In this article we'll look at each of these groups and see what their advantages and disadvantages are so that you can make informed buying decisions.

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Where to Sell Gold

21 August 2012

So you know how to buy gold, but do you to know where to sell gold? Not every place pays the same rates, and the best place to sell gold depends on the type of gold you are trying to sell. In this article we'll talk about where to go to unload gold of various types, and share a few "gotchas" to look out for. We'll also talk about selling scrap gold, because even though you shouldn't be buying it for investments, a lot of people end up with it anyway!

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Odds Favor Future Price Increases

18 June 2012

Gold owners may be impatient, but the odds still favor future price increases. In this article, Tom Cleveland from Forex Traders discusses fundamentals driving gold prices and gives us some insight into the price correlation with currencies, especially the US Dollar. If you are investing in gold for the long term (and you should be!) this is the kind of information you need.

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Tax Implications of Investing in Gold – Part 1

22 May 2012

Are you really making as much from your gold investment as you think you are? Is the tax on gold as high as you think it is? Most investors misunderstand how the capital gains tax (also called the "collectibles tax") works, and we want to fix it! In part one of this series we'll give a brief overview of capital gains and tip you off on what is probably the most overlooked bit of information regarding capital gains taxes.

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This article is about: Paper Gold

Gold IRA Overview

17 May 2012

Most of us have a large portion of our savings tied into IRAs. Whether it's because of an employer retirement plan or simply because of the tax advantages, some people that want to invest in gold have no other way to do so. Many people assume that they can't invest in gold in this situation, but that's not true! A Gold IRA is an IRA that can accept physical metals that meet certain requirements. In this article we'll discuss the best ways to handle retirement gold.

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How Much Gold Should You Invest In?

08 March 2012

Want to know how to invest in gold, but aren't sure where to start? Deciding how much to buy is an important step when you decide to buy gold that we all have to figure out. Did you know that gold is excellent at providing one type of diversity, but isn't suitable for another common type? In this article we'll discuss gold's role in portfolio diversity so that you can maximize your investment security.

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European Gold Coins

06 March 2012

It's becoming more common to see coin dealers and telemarketers try to get their customers to buy European gold coins. Unfortunately, they do this because the coins are good for returns - for them, not you! These coins have a lot of problems that we believe makes them unsuitable for investment, especially if you need them in an emergency. Before investing with these coins you'll want to read this.

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Gold Confiscation Myths

02 March 2012

In 1933, President Roosevelt issued Executive Order 6102, which confiscated gold from American citizens, a restriction on the ownership of gold that lasted until 1974. Now, dealers are telling their customers that their coins and medallions are exempt from confiscation. Is this true, or are some people buying these coins and medallions under false pretenses?

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